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[IP] RE: Newbie Questions


Regarding suspending the pump to compensate for low BG's, remember that
the insulin has an "activation live" in excess of 2 hours.  Your
Velosulin (I'm guessing is like regular) would be more like 4-5 hours. 
suspending the pump will ultimately help bring up your BG, but it will
take a VERY LONG time, carbs are a better approach.


Now some newbie questions:
1) Does one typically suspend the pump when BG drops?
2)Anybody out there manage OK with just carb counting and label reading,
opposed to weighing? If so, any tips (ie: I know I read somewhere
like "one serving is as much as you can hold in your hand" or something
doofy like that)
3)I was started on Velosulin. Anyone out there doing OK on it (I know
Humalog is all the rage, but I had never been on it, and we were worried
about more Hypos)? I would especially like to hear from anyone who was
on H
and switched back to V.
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