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From: Wendy Anderson <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: Tuesday, June 09, 1998 8:53 PM

You have obviously misunderstood what I said...........How dare you go on about "PEOPLE LIKE ME?""".........I am one of you...........DIABETIC, just like everyone else here.........You totally missed my point. I SAID.....that maybe this forum was not the place to vent frustrations because........so many people come down on you with the 'IT COULD BE WORSE STORIES' and blah blah...........I have felt like you too and have needed a place to vent and at the same time felt the guilties  for doing it here...I am sorry you are offended. Now so am I.
    Don't you think we've all felt like you are right now, I've thought many times about going all out with a huge slab of cheesecake. Minus the insulin, but, please hang on. We need each other. Who else but us can understand? I've had my plenty of idiot Doctors, but in REALITY....life is not fair, plain and simple. Like someonelse said we cannot let this disease get the best of us. ever. I am prepared to battle till forever and never give up. You have to do the same. We have this disease for a reason. I believe we are all fighters. Survivors. The best of the best. Please Sue, don't misread my words. I am on your side, remember. Take care. Wendy