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[IP] Medicaid coverage (??) for pumps?

	Does anyone have any information or experience regarding Medicaid
coverage/approval for the pump?  I have promised this post for a woman in
North Carolina who has been waiting on a D pump (via Medicaid coverage)
since last August.  She has attempted all the proper channels, including
physician "letter of need", CDE session, direct contact with Disetronic,...
all without success.  She has been told by all parties that they are
"waiting to hear from Medicaid" & left there - without a pump.  Does anyone
have any suggestions to offer her that I can pass along??  Thanks! - from
BOTH of us! :)

-Delaine..... and remember, no matter where you are in the process of life
with diabetes... you are a hero.  People with diabetes are true heroes.

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