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[IP] to all anuts and uncles iam glad to have you all

 hi folks iam doing real good i in joy the chat monday night thank for all the
love for me and the baby  Lee my husband mother and daddy lives in hunstville
and thay can be down in about  2 hours and iam doing good i miss lee so much
and i will tell his son about is dad  had an urltsound  to day and the dr said
that we are doing real good he said that the baby weigh about 5 pounds and my
bs are real good to i got pregnant last nov. and  Lee was killd in march i was
5 months a long 
with our son and the name we have pick out is   TYLER   L  CARMICHAEL  
i will not be able to be at the chat wendesday night  i will be at church and
will not get home until late is the next chat on saturday night at 9pm easten
time  oh by the way my spelling is not the best so for give me back  i go to
the ob dr thursday 
and i will let everyboby know what he had to said but when i had the urltsound
to day he said that i was doing real good and the if i do not go into labor by
july the 2 
he will let me go on july 7th so i can have a long weekend to rest for labor
the baby heart tones are very strong and thay are fast he is still fliping and
going from side to side and not let me get much sleep at all at night  thank
for your love and paryers 
i will make and the baby will to i will see yall saturday night   dose any one
have thing i can do for to help me get some sleep tthe baby wake me up at 5am
and can not get back to sleep the warm milk hepls at times 
                          my e mail is email @ redacted 
       please e mail at any time 

love lisa carmichael 
ps i will let you know when the baby comes 
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