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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #340

     I just wanted to let you all know that Marisa (age 8) started on her pump
this morning.  I started reading and researching about pump therapy about 2
years ago-- so this day has been a long time in coming.  It has taken much
energy to convince certain others that this was the way to go.  Even as late
as last night I wondered if this day would ever come.  But it has--- and we
are excited and watching her very closely today.

     We finally decided to forge ahead without the support of our peds endo as
he had totally different ideas and was complicating the situation.  I would
have liked to talk to him about some of his ideas but he didn't return my
phone call.  So my husband (a physician) gave the order to start today.  After
the pump was all hooked up we drove over to a pediatricians office  who we had
contact with 2.5 years ago when Marisa was dxed, walked in the back door , and
spent about 5 minutes telling him about the pump.  He is excited to learn,
trusted my husband's judgment , and assured us he was there to help anytime we
needed him, reminding us he knew nothing about pumps.  We left some material
for him to read later which he eagerly accepted.  

     We are rather high after a few hours and are working on that with extra
bolus.  Must go now but will keep you posted.  
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