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Re: [IP] Re: Help with infusion

> Megan woke up three times to pee in the night last night. Tested at 4 am bg of
> 527!! Changed the set-again after only a day. Blood all over the tape-inject 2
> units of Humalog-surprisingly enough-no ketones.
> We are using the Rapids which is an 8mm needle that stays in place with IV300
> tape under the set and over the set. Most of the time she bleeds and you can
> see blood in the tubing after only 1 day. Could not tolerate Silouettes-
> cannula would crimp after a day or two. Megan is very skinny. Same problem
> with the sofsets.
> Any suggestions from the group? Even though I am not paying for my infusion
> sets I feel it is very expensive to change the sets everyday. We are currently
> putting them in the upper hip area-the only place she has any fat.
You might try the Polyfin Q from MM (check their web site for 
picture) is is a very small straight needle with wings. Lily used the 
bent needle until she grew a little and had more fat. The straight 
needle will go in even shallower than the bent one. It is not as 
comfortable as a Silhoutte, but does not need as much tissue.

The blood in the set probably indicates that it is in too deep. With 
a Silohette (tender/comfort set) it is not absolutely necessary that 
it be inserted all the way, leaving some small amount of the catheter 
exposed does not hurt anything. Lily has done insertions in the lower 
abdomen below the belly button left/right and very high on the 
buttocks (to the outside) left and right where there a good layer of 
soft tissue. There are now about 15 - 20 kids  on the list, you 
should be able to get more info from the other parents.

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