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Re: [IP] Hail Hail

In a message dated 98-06-09 07:00:06 EDT, you write:

<< Maybe we should have a list specifically for support (I mistakenly
 thought that was what this list was for ... silly me) -- no rose colored
 glasses allowed.  That kind of list might just be helpful for people
 like me that really need some feedback and help but instead just  get
 garbage in return for opening up and being honest!

Okay Sue,

Everyone has a right to their opinion and everyone also has a right to be
offended by others.  And if Wendy offended you then you have every right to be
upset.  But what about all of the other people here that have reached out to
you and tried to show you support?  I think that *most* of us agree that this
forum is for support.  Just because a few people don't agree shouldn't make
you turn away.  Ignore them or vent at them, but don't "throw out the baby
with the bath water".  Stay angry, upset, bitter or whatever if that helps
you.  But there are a lot of people here that are willing to listen, willing
to help in whatever small way they can.  I really don't think the majority of
the responses you have gotten are "garbage" as you put it.  

Enjoy the shortcake.  You deserve it.  And when and if you are ready, we (most
of us) are here to support you.

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