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Re: [IP] How about that feeling . . .


>The empty container of glucose tablets - that is scary...  I've done 
>that several times.  And even worse is when you check the spare 
>container in the glove box and it's empty too...  
>Randall Winchester
Years ago there was product called "Monojel" - it was glucose jel in a foil
type squeezable envelope "thingy". They were fairly durable, lasted often
beyond the expire date on the package. Kind of disgusting stuff, but it
worked in a pinch.

I used to rely on them when going on long bike rides. I kept a couple
stashed in my tool kit on my bike saddle. It was ugly the day I went to
reach for one, 15 miles from home, only to discover the stuff had hardened
due to heat exposure. Not a lot of fun either ...

Bob Burnett

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