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Re: [IP] Hail Hail

When you get this way, remember others depend on you.  Not only are you
hurting yourself but them too.  You say to #@#! with them.  They need you.  I
never let my son pitty himself.  He was diagnosed at 3 and is 11 now.  I am so
afraid if he does, that I will never get him out of the slump.  We as a family
deal with the disease as a fact.  No matter how much we hate the disease it is
not going away, but there will be a cure and hoepfully it will be in his
lifetime.  ( Believe we sometimes yell I hate diabeties).  He just loves it
when I do. 
Take one day at a time.  Yes, you are right, there are the bad, but try to see
the light at the end of the tunnel.  Think back what people did just 10 yrs.
ago to control and look now!  You are right, I am not the one dealing directly
with the disease, worse, my heart is, my child, who seems so helpless to me.
I feel like my hands are tied, I want to make it go away.  Every night when I
go to bed I ask God to please let me keep Ryan for another day.  Selfish of
me?  Should I just let him do as he pleases?
He enjoys life soo much, and as a family we continually point out all the good
things that happen each day.  Let's be there for each other, as a support
group,  I guess you could say I stick my head in the sand,  I try to focus on
the good, because I would lose my mind if I didn't.  Didn't mean to go on so
long.  It's just when I read you ate your favorite dessert and went to bed, I
felt nausa, be good to yourself.  You deserve it.

Helen (Ryan's mom) 
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