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Re: [IP] Expressing Emotions -- FRUSTRATED!!!

In a message dated 6/9/98 6:46:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<<  DON'T GIVE UP HOPE: That's usually the FIRST 'vessel' which gives out 
      and leads to the rest following suit (G-d forbid).
What a wonderful summation, not only for those who battle diabetes, but all
debilitating, overwhelming conditions...I just wrote to another mom that in my
opinion, a top-notch therapist can be as essential a part of the diabetes team
as the endo and the CDE- especially when dealing with kids who may have the
additional burden of not feeling they're "allowed" to tell their parents how
they really feel....And to add another "infusion" of HOPE, although there are
still sadly too many deaths reported by my "cyber-pals" at the Breast Cancer
board, there have also recently been several wonderful women who, despite
failing several different chemo "recipes", gave it yet another try & are now
gleefully happy to report they are in REMISSION from their stage IV cancer
"gloom & doom" prognosis!!!
     HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL!!!.....and lastly, the BC board also grapples with
this issue to the extent that the Stage IV women thought they shouldn't be on
the same board with the "newbies" but the consensus ( after LOTS of
discussion) was that we all need to learn from each others' struggles at ALL
stages & we all need to SUPPORT each other...Those who aren't able to handle
that are free to skip over those posts...Same logic applies here...Guaranteed
there are many parents who didn't want to hear about Melissa's kidney biopsy &
rampant proteinuria, but if I helped one parent to at least KNOW that ACE
inhibitors even exist & might be helpful for their child, then that's what
this is all about...

Regards, Renee
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