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[IP] Expressing Emotions -- FRUSTRATED!!!

     I can report from personal experience:  it AINT OVER until the fat 
     doctor sings!!  (ever go to an ADA dinner meeting?)
     Seriously: After having lost my vision, being told I'll never walk 
     again, and other wonderful 'predictions' based on 'science' I'd like 
     to interject that mental attitude, prayer, getting ON TRACK and 
     generally following a sensible diet and lifestyle (as defined by 
     yourself maybe with help of another long termer who's gone through the 
     mill already).
     I now have vision in both eyes, can walk over ten miles a day (never 
     recently tried more but I'm pretty sure I can do), still have all the 
     'original internal equiptment' in factory spec. functional order.
     DON'T GIVE UP HOPE: That's usually the FIRST 'vessel' which gives out 
     and leads to the rest following suit (G-d forbid).
     Yerachmiel Bruchya Altman

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