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Re: [IP] How about that feeling . . .

>I got up on Saturday morning (about
>5:00 am) to catch a flight home, my bg was 550. Yikes!!?! So I bolused
>about six units and skipped breakfast. I checked again about 7:00 before
>I got on the plane to Seattle. Now it was 575. When I got to Seattle
>and checked it again it was now so high that the meter would only say
>"HI". No kidding. I checked my ketones with the one remaining strip I
>had and it nearly turned black.

It appears to be well documented that with many of us; travel makes the bg
skyrocket fro no apparent reason.  I have experienced this for 25 years.
When I drive to the city (if I know the day prior) I take 30% more basal
insulin.  If I have to fly somewhere i take double the basal insulin and
monitor closely.

Funny I never heard about this "Travel bg Syndrone" from the docs! ;-/

Darrin Parker
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