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RE:[IP] Silouhette was ouchy--what am I doing wrong?

I use these set exclusively with my Disetronic without any problem.  I
can offer some thoughts: 

Did you put the set in at the 30-45 degree angle?  If not, it would go
pretty deep and could cause pain.

When I insert a new set, I put the needle in and attach the front end to
my skin (side away from the disconnect).  I next pull the needle. 
Finally I attach the back of the set.  If I try to attach both sides of
the set while the needle is in, it does start to hurt and remind me I'm
doing it wrong.

Better luck next time.


Hi, All:

I was very anxious to try the Silhouettes that so many have raved about,
I sent for some samples from MiniMed.  Tried one today, but was
disappointed.  The insertion itself didn't produce much sensation, but
getting hold of the piece that contained the introducer needle and
it was reminiscent of having a lab tech rooting around in my arm trying
find the vein!  

Perhaps I inserted the needle too deeply.  I put it in most of the way
because it didn't seem like a good idea to have part of the cannula
exposed.  All the while wondering if there isn't there a problem with
30 degree bend in the cannula once you have withdrawn the needle. 

This was right in the center of my tummy where there was plenty of
 It kept hurting even when I wasn't touching it, and hurt worse when I
 I tried lying down on my tummy in bed and couldn't feel it, but when I
huggy my hubby, it was a definite, rather uncomfortable, presence.

After an hour-and-a-half, I said, "enough" and yanked it.  Replaced it
a familiar SofSet (which--oh great!--may turn out to be too close to my

Is my experience a common one to those new to the Silhouette?  I'm not
about trying another (MiniMed sent me 3), but I'd like to have a better
experience the next time.  Advice appreciated!


- --Laurel (pumping with a MM 507 since 5/15/98)>>>
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