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[IP] Another update on Kerry

I must apologize about the last post.  I sent it from work and somehow the
message got wiped out (isn't technology just wonderful?).

Anyway, Kerry has received more test results back.  The dr's have discovered
that Kerry has Pernicious Anemia (no vitamin B-12 absorption).  This means
that she will have to have b-12 shots monthly for the rest of her life.  It
could be worse, Kerry could have some form of cancer, but this is not the

This anemia does also partially explain her depression, which is getting
better.  We do send our sincerest thanks for the thoughts and prayers that
have been sent our way.  It doesn't help that Kerry's last a1c was 4.8 or
that her last TSH was 14.

Another note is that the dr has discovered some antibodies in her blood that
attach themselves to her insulin.  The endo stated that this is quite common
with diabetics that were on beef and pork insulins.  Her current level of
these antibodies is about 17%.  This effects the release and absorption of
the insulin creating some of the wild rides her bgs have done.

Brian Spitler

"Ever wonder what was great before sliced bread?"

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