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Re: [IP] Another update of Kerry

In a message dated 6/8/98 5:17:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time, insulin-
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I just wanted to let everyone know that Kerry has received more test 
      results back.  The blood work indicates that she has pernicious anemia 
      (no vitamin B-12 absorption).  This will require her to get B-12 shots 
      every month for the rest of her life.  So far she is coping well with 
      the idea.  (At least it is not a blood borne cancer!)
      As far as the depression goes, she is getting better a little bit 
      every day.  That is all that matters though.  Some of the depression  >>

Brian.. so good to hear that Kerry now has something to blame this on, but not
glad about another problem.  At least, I hope she now has some peace of mind.
We all need a dose of that sometimes. All the best. 

Barbara B.
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