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Re: Velosulin v. Humulin Was: [IP]

Hi Guys
I was on NPH for 20 some years and when I went on the pump (disetronic) 6 1/2
years ago I was put on Velosulin which is a buffered regular insulin.  All of
a sudden the company (Lilly) decided to stop making velosulin in Canada but it
was still available through the drug release program from the States. I was
also tested for use of Humalog, but my delayed absorption was reduced by only
a few hours (over 8 to over 5) so although it takes a little more paying
attention to when my need for insulin must be replenished, I am happy to be on
I am feeling pretty good, most times!!!!!!!!! and sometimes think whatever is
wrong is because of the diabetes, when it could easily be AGE, so I just try a
little harder and get on with it.
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