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Velosulin v. Humulin Was: [IP] Disconnecting at Beach

> AS far as I know, many people use standard Humulin R quite nicely in 
> their pumps. Lily started on Velosulin and we have simply continued to 
> use it. Since she now mixes, it is probably better to use  The Velosulin 
> since it is supposed to use the same buffering agent as Humalog.

Any techies here:

Does there remain any over-riding reason to use Velosulin rather than,
say, Lilly's Humulin R or Novo's Human Actrapid, if you're not using
Humalog? I'm just curious. Velosulin wasn't on my GP's computer, so I
got Humulin R instead (except it's called Humulin S in the UK.
S=Soluble), which I mix with Humalog.

I believe in the "old days" there was trouble with insulin crystalizing
in the tubing, but with the current surface coating in the tubing this
is no longer a problem. If this is the case, why is Velosulin still
used? Is it inertia and habit? Do doctors believe that because it's a
specially prepared pump insulin, it must be "better", even though though
this is no longer the case? Or are there other benefits?


And please note:
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Lilly (two Ls) = Insulin manufacturer
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