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Re: [IP] How about that feeling . . .

> Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 16:31:06 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] How about that feeling . . .
> In a message dated 98-06-07 17:23:13 EDT, you write:
> << How 
>  about that sinking feeling from the pit of your stomach when you're 
>  sitting in an airplane at the start of a long flight and suddenly 
>  your infusion site feels like it is coming out where the line got 
>  tangled in the seat belt and >>
Well, not exactly like this, but close. I was in Victoria, B.C. this
last week for a conference. When I got up on Saturday morning (about 
5:00 am) to catch a flight home, my bg was 550. Yikes!!?! So I bolused 
about six units and skipped breakfast. I checked again about 7:00 before 
I got on the plane to Seattle. Now it was 575. When I got to Seattle 
and checked it again it was now so high that the meter would only say 
"HI". No kidding. I checked my ketones with the one remaining strip I 
had and it nearly turned black. 

I called my wife in Dayton and told her to call my endo. I gave her the
facts and bg readings back to the previous day. By now I was feeling really
crummy. Then I bolused some more since it had been about 4 hours since I
had taken the original dose. By now it was time to board the plane for

I had just gotten strapped in to my seat when it occurred to me: "What if
the infusion site has gone bad?". I hadn't thought of looking at it before
since I had just changed to that site the day before and it looked fine
Friday night. But I pulled up my shirt for a look. It didn't look there 
were any problems, but then I noticed the "string" coming off the
infusion site. As soon as I pulled on it I realized it was the cannula and 
it had pulled out of the site completely! Everything else was just fine. 

Since I had taken the advice of other travellers in this group, I had
an extra infusion set and my insulin in my carry-on bag. As soon as I could
I got up and changed the site in the airplane restroom (Thank God for no
air turbulance). I also did a direct injection of an extra 10 units of Humalog.

By the time I got to Dayton my bg had dropped to 450 and I was feeling much
better. I didn't stop spilling ketones until about 10 p.m., but by Sunday
everything was back to "normal".

Oh yeah. Remember that I asked my wife to call the endo? Well, he wasn't on
call this weekend. Instead, after waiting for over an hour, some doctor I
never heard of called back. I thought his advice was worth repeating. He
said "Tell him to drink lots of water and don't eat any sugar. If he has any
more problems, page me". I'm glad I didn't have to rely on that clown to
save my life. 
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