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[IP] Calling for papers

I started pumping this morning and so far so good. (Tah Dah!!)

However, I had some concerns that I discussed with my CDE. One thing was
that I thought that she should have some sort of information sheet and/or
check-list for new pumpers. Yes, we'd talked about things verbally 10 days
ago and I had all sorts of miscellaneous handouts. But, the night before I
started worrying about what to expect and how to handle things without my
NPH the night before (I ended up waking twice during the night and giving
myself a 4u boost with Humalog each time). I also skipped breakfast, since
I felt that I should establish a baseline without interference with a
morning insulin dose & food... good thing too, since my BG had risen to 300
by the time I got connected. Amazing what NOT having that basal amount does
to you.

So, I suggested that she have an information sheet for new pumpers. She
thought it was a great idea. I also (stupidly) agreed to help her with
doing it. We talked about things such as, what to do the night before, what
to bring to the CDE on "P-DAY" (I forgot ketone strips). What to expect
when you first get onto the pump, etc. Have any of you, when you first
started, gotten anything like that? If so, could you please share it with
me? In return, I'd be willing to share anything that we come up with anyone
else who might want it. 

Thanks for any help.

(It takes a licking and still keeps clicking!)

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