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Re: [IP] How about that feeling . . .

In a message dated 98-06-07 17:23:13 EDT, you write:

<< How 
 about that sinking feeling from the pit of your stomach when you're 
 sitting in an airplane at the start of a long flight and suddenly 
 your infusion site feels like it is coming out where the line got 
 tangled in the seat belt and >>

How about that feeling . . . 
     when your are drifting off to sleep and your spouse is out of town and
you wonder if you adjusted enough for the walk you went on that day. Or better
yet, waking at 3 am trying to find glucose that you left downstairs and you
are home alone.

     when you are on the freeway between nowhere and anywhere and you realize
you are going low with an empty container of glucose tablets.

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