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[IP] Alcohol, your liver and BGs

To those in the crowd who imbibe:

I've followed the recent thread on beer and just came across a reference in
one of the recent diabetes periodicals which states that the carbohydrates
in alcohol don't end up as glucose. This is interesting, because it implies
that you don't need to compensate for these carbs.

I'm sure I have the details a little foggy, but I think I understand that
the liver will not release any extra glucose into your system while alcohol
is present. - it concentrates on getting rid of the alcohol. Is this one
reason your BG might tend to drop when drinking? Apparently, once the liver
finishes taking care of the alcohol, it then returns to it's normal duty,
and one thing it does normally is release glucose. I don't know if it
overcompensates for what was not released when fighting the little "alcohol
invaders", but this might explain an increased BG after drinking, rather
than a lack of bolus as the cause.

I only drink light beer, purely personal preference. I don't bolus for it,
but I do bolus for any snacks I have with it (seldom the case). My BG
doesn't change.

Can any of the medical professionals on the list clarify this at all? I'd
really like to understand the process a bit better and I'm in over my head ;-)

Bob Burnett

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