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Re: [IP] Expressing Emotions -- FRUSTRATED!!!

On  7 Jun 98 at 22:31, email @ redacted wrote:

> Group...I have tried to just read the tug of war in the past few days since I
> have been away.  Just my two cents here.  I am reluctant to jump in here, but
> here goes.  I am sad that some members are upset with other members, but
> heartened to read posts from many supportive members. (You know who you are.)
> I have sent a private post to those I feel especially close to. My reluctance
> is because many of you know that I do not have Type 1 nor do I wear a pump,
> but I feel your pain and I applaude those of you who are encourageing to
> others.  This group is more like a family than some families I know.  There is
> tough love here as well as a tough life for some of you.  Keep at it.
> Persevere.  I agree we all have bad days (even  I do). Nobody is perfect and
> no one should be.

You are an important "reality contact" for the list - a sympathetic
and knowledgeable "outsider" who is trying hard to figure out what we
go through...  and you've proved your concern and loyalty to us
several times by putting up with us and continuing to hang around and
contribute even when we get obnoxious...  Your statement about this
group being like a family is on target - and it seems that now the
people are confident enough to start acting like family and arguing 
or disagreeing in public...

Thanks for putting up with us...
Randall Winchester

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