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[IP] good news

Hello all,
Just wanted you to know that I have made it through,with the Grace of God, to my 13th week of pregnancy.

My Ha1c has come down in the past three months from 7.3 to 7.0  They just drew more blood on friday. The doctor wants to have a Ha1c done every month.  I suspect my next one will be lower.  I have been on the pump since December. Just love it.
It certainly has made this pregnancy a bit easier.

Five weeks ago I was rushed in an ambulance because my tongue swelled up from a "reaction" to Reglan.  Then three days later hospitalized for three days for throwing up to much.

Things are under control now and I heard the baby's heart beat on Thursday.  What a joy!

My sugars through all of this have stayed around 90.  I am rarely over 130.  Oh, and I change my site every other day.  Doctors orders with the pregnancy.  I may do this anyway once the baby is born.  I have noticed that on the third day of the site, my sugars get to be 160-200.  They don't want me to be that high for long.  Neither do I.

Anyway, thanks for "listening".  I wanted to share my good news with you all.   I am also on my way to see an eye guy every trimester.  The doctors have their thumb on me and are keeping a good eye on me.

Best wishes to all,
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