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Re: [IP] Not allowed to see an endo about a pump for 5 months

Darrin Parker wrote:

> Well, us Canadians don't like to make a stir so we keep electing the same
> people; althoughh this is slowly changing.  I haev doem some research on
> medical systems and IMO the Singapore model is the best.  There are two
> medical industries:  A public one for everyone and a private one for those
> who wish to pay for faster or more extensive services.  Now, I do
> disagrore's ban on all chewing gum in the country!

The British health system is going the Singapore way, but by stealth. No
politician would dare admit that the NHS is being dismantled, but many
people are now taking out "top up" health insurance which means that if
the wait to see a specialist is too long, or they can't see the
specialist of their choice, or the preferred treatment is not available,
the insurer will then pay for you to go private. Many people without
insurance just pay to go private anyway. It's still a bit hit-and-miss,
but it takes some of the strain out of the system.

Unfortunately many people, who can afford holidays and cars, would
rather wait in pain than go private. It's their choice, but I think it's
based on ignorance and stupidity. I mean, what price do you put on good
health? I put a very high price, and will make financial sacrifices to
pay it. They think it's socially immoral to queue jump. Well, the queue
is not for the doctor's time, it's for the money to pay the doctor.

Well I think the ban on chewing gum is excellent! You see the filthy
stuff stuck on the floor everywhere here...

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