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Re: [IP] Silouhette was ouchy--what am I doing wrong?

Laurel and Wayne wrote:
> Perhaps I inserted the needle too deeply.  I put it in most of the way
> because it didn't seem like a good idea to have part of the cannula
> exposed. 

I always have a fair amount above the skin, seen through the little clear 
window. That's how it's SUPPOSED to be, the extra abve skin is a buffer for
when you move so the canula can flex without pulling or pushing in the site.
Sort of like the "stress relief" loop you use with Sofsets, just doesn't 
require any extra effort, tubing or tape. 

 All the while wondering if there isn't there a problem with the
> 30 degree bend in the cannula once you have withdrawn the needle.

That's why it's Teflon, so it can flex and make it work with natural motion,
rather than causing damage as a steel needle might.
> This was right in the center of my tummy where there was plenty of padding.

By center I hope you're talking in terms of up and down, NOT side to side?
The way it was always explained to me there are 4 areas of the abdomen to
infuse insulin (or take shots); a kidney shaped area on each side of the naval 
and two areas directly below them, where the bulges are. If you did actually
out it down the side to side centerline it wouldn't work, since there's little 
or no fat there. Maybe I misunderstood, and this is pretty basic, so I trust
you understand that I'm not trying to insult anybody's intelligence or
Some of the simplest basic info gets lost though....

> Is my experience a common one to those new to the Silhouette?  I'm not shy
> about trying another (MiniMed sent me 3), but I'd like to have a better
> experience the next time.  Advice appreciated!

Not to me, but I always test the site before insertion. Just put the very tip
of the needle in to see if it hurts before pushing it all the way in.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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