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Re: [IP] Expressing Emotions -- FRUSTRATED!!!

Group...I have tried to just read the tug of war in the past few days since I
have been away.  Just my two cents here.  I am reluctant to jump in here, but
here goes.  I am sad that some members are upset with other members, but
heartened to read posts from many supportive members. (You know who you are.)
I have sent a private post to those I feel especially close to. My reluctance
is because many of you know that I do not have Type 1 nor do I wear a pump,
but I feel your pain and I applaude those of you who are encourageing to
others.  This group is more like a family than some families I know.  There is
tough love here as well as a tough life for some of you.  Keep at it.
Persevere.  I agree we all have bad days (even  I do). Nobody is perfect and
no one should be.

Barbara B.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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