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[IP] Hail Hail

Hi Darren, it's Wendy in Ontario, I just read your posting to Sue......it
was excellent, very well written, and totally right. Thanks, I too believe
that the pumper's list is not the place to vent our frustrations, I have
posted very few times myself and one time it was to whine about my problems
and while I was typing away I was feeling guilty for having those poor me's,
and most definitely at the end I was sure to apologize, but I think I don't
need to, especially after reading what you wrote today, it is healthy to
vent, and if we can't vent to each other, then who? Cause, you're right
nobody cares, not anyone, and even if they make an effort to, they can't
  I agree with what you say about lies, being told "take care of yourself
and this to that won't happen" that's a lot of pressure.....what about all
those that have done 'as told' and are still suffering? They/we don't need
that guilt.............I have always tried to be realistic when my thoughts
come to complications, I know that they'll happen probably no matter what I
do, or maybe not....nobody knows. That is why I will not live my life in a
constant battle for "Good Numbers"........I think it's been a hard battle to
get to this point in thinking.
Thanks for understanding..............Wendy

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