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Re: [IP] Silouhette was ouchy--what am I doing wrong?


The Silhouette can be successfully inserted at as shallow as a 10 - 15
degree angle. Picture about 1/2 the angle of that shown in the picture in
the sheet which comes with the sets.

I think you're correct when you say there might be a problem with a 30
degree (or more) insertion angle, full insertion depth, and the subsequent
bend at the base of the set. I think this is a tricky combination. I've
done this before - I recall that boluses seemed to work fine, but low basal
rates of .2 to .4 per hour were problematic.

It is also *not* necessary to insert the cannula all the way up to the base
- in fact that is probably too far. This was a bit difficult for me to
trust initially. I was advised by the pump vendor to leave as much as 1/4"
exposed "outside" the site. I've heard others say that you only need to
have approximately 1/2 the cannula inserted.

In any case, YMMV here. Experiments are o.k.. You'll know what works and
what doesn't by how it feels, and what your BGs look like. By the way, the
"hug your honey" test is often the best test ;-)

Bob Burnett

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