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Re: [IP] Happiness: How to achieve it.

I like to think of things in absolutes.  Keeps my mind uncluttered. So here's my
take on happiness.  1. You can't be happy all the time.
Unless yer a drag addict.. and we all know what happens to them! You've seen their brains cooked up with a side of bacon on those public service ads...
Well I'm addicted to insulin, but ya know what I mean.. I don't get a big rush
of happiness when I take it anyway.. would be nice if they put some extra "kick" in it, anyway.
Usually my unhappiness is as a result of thinking that other people are happier than me.. They seem to be, but when you talk to some of them you wouldn't want to touch their life with a 10 foot pump tube.  Ever see the talk shows? ya gotta be happy with your lot in life watching that stuff..   Back to my absolutes and this might be more of a Freudian thing but he said our happiness is determined by "arbeiten und liebe"  or "work and love"  If you have a successfull career or do what you love to do day in and day out and have loving relationships with those around you, you probably did as much as you could do for your continued happiness and you'll be more resistant to all  life's slings and arrows(syringes).  For anyone that I've known to be truly happy seems to have those two qualities in the bag.
So I gotta go now,, I have to get a date for next friday and a new job.. boy, do I have a lot of work to do!

Randall Winchester wrote:
Me, I'm not sure what "happy" is...  I've studied a lot of things
while preparing for my work as a pastor, and I've never gotten a good
handle on this "happiness" thing.  I do know that our society screws
us up by a false definition of happiness.  I'm learning to be
content, not necessarily "happy" because I don't know what that
really means.   I'm content with my marriage, with my job,
with my children and with my friends - and I am hoping to be able to
improve the quality of relationships in each of these areas.  I work
hard to control my medical condition instead of letting it control me
- and almost succeeed sometimes.   Maybe we all need to think about
this for a moment and let our response be tempered by the fact that
we all have those days that really suck the life out of us...  and on
those days we desperately need to know that somebody understands.
And we also have those days that are exploding with joy and we need
to share those with others who understand....