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[IP] Expressing Emotions

I have read some excellent posts this afternoon.  They have been tempered,
but truthful.  Let's try to keep the insulin pumper's list operating for the
good times and for the tough times.  As many have already said, we do all
have "those days" and a hug or a shoulder to lean on should always be

I have led life in a type of denial too -- the with excellent control you
won't have complications type of denial; for 60% of diabetics that is not
denial, but reality.  I understand the people who do not want to hear about
the frustrations -- until six months ago I admit that I thought they must
not have taken very good care of themselves.  My doctors still have not quit
thinking that this must have some other cause.  My "regular" support group
made similar comments.

I'm reading a book right now that is helpful to the control freak in me (and
I am quite willing to admit that I am a control freak -- especially about my
diabetes).  It is called Out of Control and Loving It (sorry, this computer
won't let me underline that title).  It puts control into perspective.
Although it is written primarily from a Judeo/Christian perspective (giving
God control), I think that it also gives life perspective.  Care for
yourself through diabetes control, care for your family through childcare
and/or financial responsibility can all become consumptive.  I think that it
is great to try to manage this beast known as D, but perhaps the bad days
have a purpose too.  Life is for living, learning, growing, laughing,
loving, giving, and sometimes for crying too.  I'm here too if anyone - Sue
W, Buddy (haven't talked for awhile),Tonya, Sara - wants to talk outside of
the list.

Take care,

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