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[IP] You are in our thoughts Sue!

	I wish to echo all the others on this list who are offering their support,
thoughts & prayers to Sue.  So sorry to hear about your recent
frustrations, Sue.  Please know that we (of all attitudes - positive,
negative, both) ALL care about your health & happiness and are wishing you
the very best of health!  We've nearly ALL been there in some degree or
	As a diabetes educator, and as a diabetic myself I have to be adamant in
saying that in our past, we have failed rather miserably in how we treat
people with diabetes - the disease, the PERSON - physical, mental,
spiritual...... I am one of the people who would not trade my pump for the
world(!) - it has made a tremendous, positive, "freeing" difference in my
life.  But the truth is that it is the knowledge & application of that
knowledge that makes this tool work as well as it is capable of.  In
essence, we should be capable of doing almost EXACTLY what we do with our
pumps, via insulin injection... although perhaps not with the amazing
degree of finesse & certainly without the amount of freedom.  It would mean
5 or 6+ injections each day, it would mean appropriate timing, etc - & it
would mean having to deal with long acting basal insulins again.  It would
also mean a forward thinking physician & supportive diabetes team.
	There IS an educational approach for the use of "functional insulin
treatment" (F.I.T.) developed by Dr. Kinga Howorka & her ISO 9001 certified
research group out of Vienna.  This excellent approach is currently in
medical peer review here in the US.... perhaps some of you are already
familiar with it??  FIT will be visible at the ADA conference this month.
In short, FIT uses "person centered algorithms to mimic pancreas functions
in the diabetic."  It is most definately about teaching the person with
diabetes to be the EXPERT!  From what I have seen of FIT - as both a
diabetic & a CDE, I am very impressed.  Everyone with diabetes should have
access to this information.  In Vienna, people with diabetes who so choose
can undergo "FIT training" - an intensive education & practical training
course addressing the functional use of insulin.  I have joined the board
of Trustees of FIT USA to express my support of this approach!  There is
currently a website under construction for FIT USA (I will let you know
when it is up & running) & Dr. Howorka has written an english version of
her book entitled "Functional Insulin Treatment", which is available via
FIT USA.  I believe you can order thru Amazon.com although it will take
longer that way.  In particular, those of you still awaiting your pump and
still struggling with MDI may want to obtain a copy.  
	If interested in obtaining Dr. Howorka's book via FIT USA (prior to the
webpage becoming public), send an email to www.fitusa.org ("Sheryl Hill"
-chairperson) and request info on how to order.   It is quite intense &
very scientific, but an excellent source of information.  Some of you may
find it very helpful... I certainly did!

-Delaine Wright, MS, CDE
MM507 & THRILLED(!) but couldn't be more empathetic to those of us in need 

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