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Re: [IP] Expressing Emotions -- FRUSTRATED!!!

On  7 Jun 98 at 15:39, Darrin Parker wrote:

> hmmm... ...I wonder how many physical complications are caused in later
> life by growing up with a negative self-image due to feeling it is a shame
> or a sin to have frustrations and hence something must be wrong with us.

It isn't a sin to be frustrated, mad, upset and down right hurt 
because of this stuff we have to endure, put up with and face.  You 
can even express all that to God of you want too and you will be 
understood.  It probably won't change things much, but you will be 
being honest.  My theological education and pastoral experience 
leads me to this conclusion, along with my experience as a person 
with diabetes.

> There is no place in diabetes for judgement.  Leave that at the door please.

One of the greatest documents that I studied said "the measurement 
that you use to judge other people will be applied to you."    If we 
carry this in our mind we can temper our response...

Randall Winchester

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