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Re: [IP] RE: How long?

On  6 Jun 98 at 22:00, Buddy Barber wrote:

> This is really fun too! Neuropathy (sp?) coughs, colds, sore holes, fits
> farts and freckles! But I am still handsome as ever and most of my family
> and friends are not ashamed to be seen with me in public. You know, being
> diabetic and all. Ha.

OK - now we need to get one of our "medical professionals" to see if 
we can get some grant money to study if some of these are really 
diabetic complications...  How about it?  Maybe 20-30 million so we 
could do some really serious studys...  maybe title the resulting 
paper "A study of the intestinal gas pressure differential as a 
complication of diabetes."  or "Flatulance as a complication of DM." 
Should be worth around 20 or 30 thousand per study subject...

>     I have lost a lot of brain cells, according to a doctor or two, that is
> caused from BG crashes, or so I am told.

I can use an excuse like this too...  
But we really should pursue the grant thing...   at least it would be 
fun writing the proposal...

Randall Winchester

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