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Re: [IP] Waiting to see an endo

>> Thanks for the siggestion, Micheal.  I am on three insulins now.  However I
>> never thought of using teh medium-acting R for 8 hour basals!  Have to
>> think for a while now, thanks again!
>Hope you didn't misunderstand me, Gotta use R every 4-5 hours to make
>this work. 3-4 if your basal requirements ramp up, 5 or more if they are
>ramping down. Still, it works well for the one case I have personal
>experience with.

Thanks for your calrification.  I say "8 hours" because with me R has a
very long tail. About 30% of the dosage is absorbed during hours 5-8.  At a
basal requirement of .5 units per hour this should be adequate.  I suspect
my problem is that the time-delayed mixed insulins are not absorbing well.
This does not appear to be a probelm with H or R.

Thans again.

Darrin Parker
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