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Re: [IP] Re Feeling Sorry !!! Not me.

On Sun, 7 Jun 1998 email @ redacted wrote:

> Thank you Buddy-well said! As I have told Megan you can choose to feel sorry
> for yourself or you can choose to try your best to lead as normal a life as
> possible.
> We all have our crosses to bare in life-it's how we choose to deal with them
> that makes the difference.
> Don't get me wrong-I have had moments of "why me-why my child" But most of the
> time I feel God chose me to take care of Megan and to teach her to take care
> of herself. It's one of the ways I try to deal with the "why me" It works for
> me.

My 2 cents worth, when Lily was dx'd, Mimi and I had already spent a year 
and a half sleeping on the floors of various hospitals with our youngest 
sone Will (who is OK now). We were both vary upset and asked ourselves 
the same why my child questions. I have my own guilt trip about diabetic 
Uncles, etc... HOWEVER, after all that time in the pediatric wards, one 
thing is very clear, Lily will grow up, lead a normal, happy, productive 
life. The kids I saw with lukemia, cystic fibrosis, etcc.. will not. Lily 
has a friend her age with CF. If the kid lives another 5 years I will be 
really supprised. She is on O2 constantly, spends every winter in the 
hospital (she lives there in the winter) and does numerous breathing 
treatements a day (hmmm.. sounds like numerous shots a day ehh...) 
Anyway, one day she will not come home.  Lily, meantime, will grow up, go 
to college, get married, have kids, etc... In a peculiar sort of way, I 
consider her lucky. It is much worse for some others. Their kids will not 
grow up.

What we can do now is make the very best of a not-so-great but acceptable 

Enough said.

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