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Re: [IP] Waiting to see an endo

> My point is that you can probably eliminate daytime
>"N" if you want to and just use it to cover your sleep period. If you
>want to go to the hassle of 3 insulins, you could use "H" for meals, "R"
>for daytime basals and "N" for night. That would get you as close as you
>can probably get to pumping and free you from daytime nph problems.

Since the list is slow today; I'll be lazy and just use it to respond:

Thanks for the siggestion, Micheal.  I am on three insulins now.  However I
never thought of using teh medium-acting R for 8 hour basals!  Have to
think for a while now, thanks again!

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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