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[IP] Please everyone...

O'kay all,
    Here is my warped but pretty simple philosophy:
Life is not ALL rainbows and lollipops..but if an occassional lollipop
were to pass by - fine - we could probably count the carbs and eat it
because of the pump?!?!?  The positives and the negatives from each one
of us add up to a line right down the middle?!?  If you don't want to
hear the happy stuff - push that little delete button at the top...If
you don't want to hear the unhappy stuff I suggest you do the same.
Coming from a counseling background I guess all the "bickering" is
driving me nuts BUT each of us has our own views on life and due to my
background I love hearing AND UNDERSTAND each one of them   :-)   In the
mean time we all shall let Sara be upset and let "Gertrude X" (couldn't
think of a specific name) be happy?!?!?                         -Tonya

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