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Re: [IP] Waiting to see an endo

Darrin Parker wrote:
> My logic is simply that I have done everything I can with regulating short
> acyting insulin so now it's time to regulate the long acting.  Of course;
> After a year of consideration it is my belief that I am doomed unless I can
> get a pump (or find a way to regulate the basal insulin more often than
> once in 12 hours.  I'd liek to at ;east be given the chance to be proven
Hmmm... This is a suggestion only, but... Lily spent three days on 
regular only about 2 years ago when her pump was being repaired. She gave 
herself an injection of regular every 4 hours + whatever bolus she wanted 
for food. Basically she did not change anything from her pump regiemen, 
she just did a shot instead. I wok her at 2:00 am for a bg test and 
insluin to cover her basal requirements until morning. It worked very 
well and her bg's were as good or better than with her pump (I think some 
of that was luck). My point is that you can probably eliminate daytime 
"N" if you want to and just use it to cover your sleep period. If you 
want to go to the hassle of 3 insulins, you could use "H" for meals, "R" 
for daytime basals and "N" for night. That would get you as close as you 
can probably get to pumping and free you from daytime nph problems.

Just a thought, rather flimsy at that, since I only have the above 
experience to go on.

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