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On  6 Jun 98 at 6:30, Dorothy Braker wrote:

> This disease can make you horribly angry, and the
> anger does nothing to help you, and can actually HURT you in the long run,
> through no other affect but in raising the resistance to insulin...
> I know it's terribly upsetting sometimes, but as it's a 24-hour disease,
> concentration on preventing things from happening, and then moving on with a
> GOOD life is the key to happiness! 

The key is to look around us, take stock of the situation, agree that 
it isn't much fun...  then to remember that in this group we have a 
lot of fun people, some very good people, and a couple of us 
oddballs...  and we seem to help each other even though very few of 
us have ever actually seen each other.

I remember a phrase from my "preacher training" - we have our 
relationship with God and our relationships with the people around 
us.  Everything else is just temporary.  What really matters is how 
we build those relationships...   (even with that kind of training, 
I'd still like a larger sailboat!)   So we keep ourselves in decent 
shape so we can live as close to normal lives as possible and spend 
more energy on what really matters...

And we turn to each other, to others who really understand and can 
share the pain and diffuse the anger.  And then when someone has good 
results we turn to the same group where celebration can be shared and 

Randall Winchester

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