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Re: [IP] Another Newbie with questions

On  5 Jun 98 at 22:55, Cindy Arrowood wrote:

> Hello to all. I wanted to announce my pump birthday-May 26th, 1998. So far,
> it has been a challenge. I've had some lows which are my BIG fear. I'm a
> little frustrated 'cause I expected that my CDE/endo clinic would be doing
> things pretty much the "Pumping Insulin" way, but it seems their systems
> are a little more hit and miss. I've told the two CDE's I've worked with
> about this list and I know one of them checked it out. My primary nurse is
> interested in revising their policies and  may use my case as a prototype.

Happy Assimilation Day!  Welcome to the collective - a lot of the 
pump setup seems to be trial and error, with emphasis on the error 

> Now some newbie questions:
> 1) Does one typically suspend the pump when BG drops?

Sometimes I suspend or lower the basal rate - for example if it is 
low two hours after breakfast and I'm at work I'll cut the basal rate 
by half for an hour.  It's pretty much a "try it and see if it works" 
deal - I eat three sugar tabs and cut the basal rate and it usually 
works for me.  Key words are "usually" and "for me"

> 2)Anybody out there manage OK with just carb counting and label reading, as
> opposed to weighing? If so, any tips (ie: I know I read somewhere something
> like "one serving is as much as you can hold in your hand" or something
> doofy like that)

I estimate and read labels.  Hardly ever weigh anything...  After 
some experimentation you can get proper bolus amounts for favorite or 
routine meals at restaurants too, without having to know the exact 
carb counts.

Hope you do well, and remember the key things about pump therapy:

1. It is best done with a strong sense of humor and irony,
2. Don't take yourself to seriously,
3. Don't take the rest of us too seriously,
4. Have some faith in yourself and your adaptability and 
5. If you are a person of faith, remember your spiritual center and 
pray for patience, wisdom and compassion (for yourself and those 
around you)
6. Keep unused insulin vials refrigerated
7. Always keep a spare set of batteries and an extra infusion set 
8. Laugh frequently and deeply - at yourself, the world, those of us 
among the collective,  and whatever else strikes your attention.
9. Smile at children, especially those with handicaps or other 
disadvantages.  Try to improve their lot and you'll find your own 
becomes simpler.
10.  Don't worry about tomorrow - for it has enough 
worries of its own.

There are many of us who are going through this with you and your 
presence helps and strengthens us too...  

Now I can take off my clergy hat,close my preacher notebook, or 
whatever... and just say hang in there and keep on trying!

Randall Winchester

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* If I say I understand something completely the only thing
* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
* misunderstood something. 
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