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Re: [IP] highs after infusion set changes

In a message dated 98-06-06 15:24:39 EDT, you write:

 Incidently Kasey, I'm curious to know why Kayla's been given a 506
 rather than a 507. I thought the 506 was discontinued some time ago. Is
 it old stock or something that your insurer has bought cheap?

First John, thanks for the info about the 2.5 priming bolus.  I'll check that
next time.  Kayla is using the 506 only temporarily.  Our ins. co. agreed to
start with a 6week rental then follow with a purchase if Kayla still wanted
the pump.  Reasonable to me.  But MiniMed would only rent a 506, saying they
didn't rent 507's.  Once we get a Keeper, it will be the newer 507c model.

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