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Re: [IP] highs after infusion set changes

> John Neale wrote:
> >I tested one without inserting it, to
> >check how it all worked, and I can confirm that it takes 2.5 units
> >before the insulin was dribbling out of the end of the canula.

Bob Burnett wrote:
> Check again. The package insert which comes with the Silhouette / Tender /
> Comfort clearly indicates a bolus of .0075 cc of insulin is recommended to
> fill the cannula. (This reference is in the section titled "Precautions").
> For U100 insulin, this translates to .75 units.


Thank you. I was wrong. I've just checked another, and the canula filled
at 0.7 units. (I've no idea where my original 2.5 units went though!
Into that insulin black hole perhaps...)

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