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Re: [IP] Life with diabetes (was: feeling sorry)

Tanya said:

>Yes, people can voice their anger, their emotions and not be judged by
>others. BUT everytime i get to my email, every other person is
>complaining or feeling sorry for themselves. I want to see more positive
>things. Should the"poor me" scenario continue, it's not worth it to be
>part of this list. We are here to help people or so i thought.

We are here to help people.  As far as I am concerned, saying that people
are complaining or feeling sorry for themselves is being very judging.  I
have seen maybe three people recently express anger or feeling depressed
about having diabetes.  If that really bothers you, that is unfortunate.

I am not interested in insurance problems, because the system I live in is
different, but I can empathise.  I don't call the people talking about such
problems whiners or think they are feeling sorry for themselves.  This list
is for people with diabetes with a focus on pumps.  We talk about many
things and some of it will be sad and depressing and maybe some stuff we
really don't want to think about, like complications and how they affect
people we know.  That's pretty close to home.

I see lots of postive things in this list every day, more than negative by far.


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