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Re: [IP] highs after infusion set changes

John Neale wrote:

>I tried my first silhouette today! I tested one without inserting it, to
>check how it all worked, and I can confirm that it takes 2.5 units
>before the insulin was dribbling out of the end of the canula. This is
>much higher than the sofset which is only 0.5. Presumable whoever told
>you 0.5 was ignorant/wrong/referring to a sofset, and should be
>corrected! Kayla may have missed out on several hours of insulin here.

Check again. The package insert which comes with the Silhouette / Tender /
Comfort clearly indicates a bolus of .0075 cc of insulin is recommended to
fill the cannula. (This reference is in the section titled "Precautions").
For U100 insulin, this translates to .75 units.

I have used Tenders / Comforts for almost two years now, and also used
SofSets. I have always been able to get insulin to fill the cannula using
these recommended bolus amounts. I use either a .5 unit bolus or 1.0,
depending on my BG at the time I change my set. I have never had problems
with these amounts.

The person who advised Kasey to use .5 units was yours truly ;-). I am not
ignorant, I am not wrong, I was not referring to a SofSet, nor do I need to
be corrected. Check your package insert. If Kasey's daughter were to use
your recommended bolus at set change time, her blood sugar would drop an
additional 180 to 210 + points, due to the extra insulin delivered!

I'm glad that you have just recently discovered the Silhouette. I think you
will find it comfortable, easy to use and adaptable to a variety of
different infusion site requirements. Be careful filling that cannula,
though ;-)

Bob Burnett

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