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Re: [IP] Life with diabetes (was: feeling sorry)

>Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 09:39:51 -0700
>To: email @ redacted
>From: email @ redacted (Janine Shea)
>Subject: [IP] Life with diabetes (was: feeling sorry)
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
Yes, people can voice their anger, their emotions and not be judged by 
others. BUT everytime i get to my email, every other person is 
complaining or feeling sorry for themselves. I want to see more positive 
things. Should the"poor me" scenario continue, it's not worth it to be 
part of this list. We are here to help people or so i thought.

>I have had diabetes for almost 19 years (June 19), so far with no
>complications, although I think that may change with my opthamologist
>appointment next Thursday.
>I spent most of this time being very worried about diabetes killing me,
>since I had been taught that it would, and had a really rotten quality 
>life.  I had my pump for 12 out of my 18 years with diabetes at that 
>I am glad I did, because I am sure that my blood sugars were much 
>than they had been on injections, but I don't know since I rarely did 
>I spent lots of time in therapy and actually was a crisis counsellor 
>none of this helped.  I have come to a point where I am out of denial 
but I
>do think that diabetes is a horrible disease.  I know it could be much
>worse, and I have had lots of people minimize my efforts to stay 
healthy by
>saying, at least it is not worse or it is ONLY diabetes.
>Sure it could be worse and if that makes people with diabetes feel 
>then say it.  But diabetes is ENOUGH.  It sucks.  No one deserves it.  
>to hear people without diabetes say it really makes me mad.  To put it 
in a
>hierarchy is to discount all the physical and emotional pain that 
>endure.    It is an insidious disease that many ignorant people figure 
>caused by eating too much and is cured by insulin.
>I think to say that it is "only" diabetes is a way of making it seem
>smaller and less threatening.  Well, it is big and it is very 
>But it is also possible to live with it and live with it well.  
>out how to do that is hard and it has taken me almost 19 years to do 
>that, which I now manage on most days, barring ignorant people, stupid
>media coverage and those frustrating forays into the 400 mg range with 
>explanations in sight.
>My main point is this:  if someone says that diabetes is whatever, hell 
>just a minor irritation, please respect their feelings and not tell 
>they are wrong.   Personal opinions are important, since we all can 
>from seeing how others deal with things, but to attack a person because
>they say they are feeling down says way more about the attacker's state 
>mind than the down person.   People are allowed to express their 
>here, or at least I thought they were, without being judged for it.
>who is very happy she wrote most of this last night, because she SO mad
>that it is hard to type
>Vancouver, BC, Canada
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