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RE: [IP] Re Feeling Sorry !!! Not me.

Go, Buddy......I'm with you my friend......

Hey Gang,
    I know I don't keep up as well as I used to. . . .  You must admit it
has become a chore to read all the mail. I was going through this morning
and reading and what was this "Poor Me Week"? Here is Robert crying about
running the risk of going blind and Sara and her foul mouth again letting
off steam because she is having problems with her eyes. . . . . .  We all
have, or we are going to have problems. There is nothing you can do about
that except by doing the best job you can of taking care of ourselves.
    People WITHOUT diabetes have problems. . . . . A lot of them are FATAL,
and a whole lot younger than you are. We get killed in traffic accidents,
plane crashes, house fires, and some of us may be killed by our spouses for
being so DIABETIC!!! A synonym for "diabetes" is "A**hole", but that is only
if you let it and you practice every day.
    We all get to feeling sorry for ourselves. . . .  Even normal people
from what I understand. The thing you have to think about here is the
morning AFTER they have removed your leg, or the first morning you wake up
and it is as dark as the inside of a cow and you realize you will NEVER  see
another sunrise or the face of your brand new grandbaby. You want to feel at
this time that you have done EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER to defer this day. We
are all weak. We all make mistakes, even when the stakes are very high. Life
goes on. There will be two more "new diabetics" to replace every one of us
that passes on. And we WILL pass on make no mistake about that. How will you
feel just before the end? How long will you have to lie there and wish you
had done a better job of controlling your bloodsugar?
    Really, I'm not putting anybody down. I do not intend to hurt anybody's
feelings. I must admit that I get up in the morning, just as this morning,
with a BG of 103. . . . . It feels so FINE!!! We have had our first rain in
several weeks. . . . .  I have two of my beautiful grandbabies sleeping in
Paw Paw's bed and you can bet your butt this old man is going to do whatever
I can to extend my life to the fullest and if I have to have a leg or two
removed. . . . . so be it! I will at least wake up in recovery knowing I did
EVERYTHING in my power to postpone it until absolutely necessary.
    I love and all of you and mean no disrespect. You have to pray for the
best and plan for the worst. Life is not fair, but it can be rewarding. And
if we do all we can we might just be able to cope with the outcome. It is
not like your hands are tied. Put all of this negative energy to good use
and do everything you can. You are a winner. Prove it! "Winners NEVER quit
and quitters NEVER win!"
    I have been silent for a while and I have said my peace. Any of you that
are out of control and want to yell at me. . . .  . . . you can find me here

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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