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RE: [IP] My Two Cents

AMEN,AMEN,AMEN...........Diabetes is like anything.......and attitude is EVERYTHING...!!!!!!!! it's all in the way that you look at and deal with it....sure if you let it get you..IT WILL........This one thing that I can speak on from the voice of experience......some can deal with it and some can't...I'm thankful that I CAN......I want to live long enough to see a cure and believe me I've seen it come along way since I was diagnosed....I want kids to know that you can make it and live a "normal" life......we're all in this together.....I'm just thankful for my pump...YES..!!!!!!!

I have been reading several posts about how this disease "sucks" and that many
of you think we are doomed to have a shortened life span.  I think every
diabetic at some point in time with their disease has feelings of anger,
depression, hopelessness.  These are understandable feelings.  I know there
are worse things in life to have.  Maybe I am looking at life through rose
colored glasses, but I don't think we are all sentenced to a shorter life or
that we will all get complications.  I personally know some diabetics that
have had type 1 diabetes well over 50 years and they are still going strong
with no diabetic complications.  Their only complaint is that they are just
down right getting "old."

I know for me personally I plan to live a very long time, as long as a healthy
person without diabetes.  I will live each day to its fullest and not dwell on
unhappy thoughts.  I hope I am not the only one who thinks this way.  If I am
so be it.

Cindy (type 1 diabetes 19+ years, no complications)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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