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Re: [IP] highs after infusion set changes

> After changing Kayla's first infusion set, her blood sugar continued to rise
> for the next four hours and ended up over 400 before coming back down.  She
> uses the silhouette.  I left the old infusion set in for 3 hours after
> starting the new one and her blood sugar still went high.  I'm wondering if
> I'm not priming the canula enough.  I was told to prime a .5 unit bolus to
> fill the canula, but I think I remember a discussion about this a while back.
> Any suggestions?


I tried my first silhouette today! I tested one without inserting it, to
check how it all worked, and I can confirm that it takes 2.5 units
before the insulin was dribbling out of the end of the canula. This is
much higher than the sofset which is only 0.5. Presumable whoever told
you 0.5 was ignorant/wrong/referring to a sofset, and should be
corrected! Kayla may have missed out on several hours of insulin here.

So far I love the silhouette. I have no problems with 29g syringe
needles, but the size of the infusion needles made me very anxious.
Sofset won the day originally because of the Sofserter gun, which is
genuinely painless for me. But having tried the silhouette, it went in
easy enough, it sticks down beautifully, I love the surface-flush
disconnector (I hated the nobble of the QR which hangs 6 inches down,
and always dug into me, so I never used it) and I also love the little
"window" that lets you see if the infusion point has got red at all.

Incidently Kasey, I'm curious to know why Kayla's been given a 506
rather than a 507. I thought the 506 was discontinued some time ago. Is
it old stock or something that your insurer has bought cheap?

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