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Re: [IP] Rise after set change

In a message dated 98-06-06 12:58:00 EDT, you write:

<< A silly question.  Did you remember to prime the infusion set?  I always
 mine until insulin flows out of the end.  But, I have forgotten to do so if I
 get in a hurry.  Also, you didn't mention what time of day you did the set
 change.  It matters to me sometimes.  If Kayla is affected by dawn
 changing in the am may not be the best choice.  Maybe late afternoon would be
 Just some options.  Good luck with the next change.  A lot of this is trial
 and error.

I did prime the set until two drops came out, and I primed the canula .5
units.  I did the set change two hours before lunch, since lunchtime and the
afternoon is the only time we have the basal rate and carb bolus just right.
We're still tweaking the rest of the day and night.  She does have a major
dawn phenomenon that's looking like a 4x increase from midnight to 6:00am over
the rest of the day.  Randall mentioned a .75unit canula bolus was needed for
the Tender (same as Silhouette) so I'll try a .8u bolus next time and see if
that helps.  If not, I'll be back here asking again!!!

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