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[IP] cure all? - i think not

Tanya wrote:

>I'm curious as to know who told you that going on the pump would make 
>everything better??

Where did I ever write that?  When have I have said anything like that?  I
remember writing that when I went on the pump and my eye problems got worse, I
was told that tight control sometimes led to worsening of retinopathy, and
then eventually it gets better.  I have known that since May of 1993 - 3
months after I went on the pump I bled again and my doctor told me that.  Of
course, when I actually went on the pump, no one said anything like that -
they told me to keep my sugars between 80 and 120...and I did, and my first
A1c was like 6.9 after a lifetime of 10+s.  Then I bled again, and they said -
oh yeah, tight control isn't always the best thing.  Well, thanks for the

I think I have said numerous times in my posts to people considering the pump
who have also mentioned having eye problems that they should ask their doctor
about the correct range to shoot for.  I now aim for 100-150, but obviously it
doens't do me a bit of good

I never expected or assumed that the pump would "take away any problem [I] may
already have!!!!!" as you write.  I know my kidney problems aren't going to go
away cuz of the pump, and I bet my carefeul monitoring over the last 5 years
has had less effect overall than the daily capoten and low protein diet.

I think I am in pretty good control overall, and believe it or not, so do my
doctors, and while some of that may be due to the pump, I DO NOT CREDIT the
pump.  I credit myself for taking the knowledge and information provided and
using it in a meaningful fashion.  Julie Sears (on digest version I believe)
is a good example of SUCCESS without a pump - she is on MDI and keeps her A1cs
under 6 - I think she said her last one was in the 5s.  So, no, I never
expected or assumed the pump was going to "Cure" me.  I am just  kinda tired
of hearing people say how WONDERFUL the pump is and how it has CHANGED ther
lives.  The pump in an inanimate piece of machinery.  It is all in the user.
And this particular user is having some bad experiences, and it is pissing her


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